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Books, CDs, Digital Product and more...

No matter what kind of artwork you require, has you covered. I'll create covers that help you sell your books, CDs, Digital Products and more... Check the galleries by clicking the button below.

I specialize in Science Fiction and Epic Fantasy but I can create artwork of pretty much any style.

I also provide artworks for all budgets with Artwork categoires (Bronze to Platinum).


Promote your Product the right way, with an engaging Video Trailer!

They say an image is worth a thousand words. In today's world, a video could very well be worth a thousand images, and you want your first impression to make an impact. Consider getting a Trailer made for your book (or any other project). It will make your brand stronger and allow you to reach more customers.


Nothing better than an animated image to generate buzz

Static images, while they have their use on final product, won't be as much click magnets as animated one or video, especially on social media.

I got you covered with fantastic looking animated illustrations that you can use to promote your project online.


Websites are the business cards of the modern age

A website is your chance of making a good first impression, and it will convey your brand to your customers. It's an important part of any platform and I can design media rich websites that will make your customers return for more, and also share it with other people if they're impressed with it.

I've been building websites every since the 90's, way before the net really took off. Back then, writing them with the Winblows (you read that right!) Notepad app manually entering html 1 code back then. 

Fast forward thirty years and I'm making HTML5, CSS and multimedia & dynamic websites that people stop by and look at pages by pages.


Tom Shepherd

bestselling science fiction author

«Christian Kallias is simply the best independent sci-fi cover artist working today. If you need eye-catching images for your sci-fi masterpiece, Chris is your guy. Professional, affordable, easy to work with. Readers of my Star Lawyers series love his work. Yours will, too. Five-star. Highly recommend.»

Rick Partlow

Bestselling Science fiction author

«I invested in Chris Kallias’ covers for three of my science fiction novels and I am highly impressed by his work. The images are beautifully rendered, the layout and arrangement perfect and Chris is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a cover artist in the science fiction genre.

--Rick Partlow, author of Glory Boy
4/24/2020 »

Craig Martelle

BESTselling science fiction authoR

«I have a few Chris Kallias covers and they stand among some of my best. I don't waste time or money putting bad covers on any of my over 100 titles.»

Brandon Ellis

BESTselling science fiction authoR

Gratitude for Chris Kallias. I was lost in the cover art world, and when he said he'd create me a cover (againt my inital idea), and did, upon launch it became an instant best seller. What did several of the readers comment on? "I bought the book because of the amazing cover." At the time, I had another series of covers completed by a different cover artist. Upon launching that series, it didn't do well. I therefore swapped the old covers out for his, I saw the sales increase to another best seller. I can't say enough about Chris's incredible work.

GP Hudson

BESTselling science fiction authoR

«I've worked with Chris for several years and he has always been very professional, producing consistent, high quality work that has always exceeded my expectations. I would recommend his services to anyone

Universe in Flames Trailer


What do I get by subscribing?

By subscribing to my newsletter (soon, check back later) you get an instant rebate for your first cover (15% off your first cover). You also get emails when they are new premade covers published which allows you to browse the new artworks before anyone else and purchase them before they're sold out.


Do you do commissioned Artworks?

While I'm focusing on premade artworks, the answer is still YES. I can do commissioned artwork on demand. Prices will vary depending on complexity of the desired project.


I want to have multiple covers done, can we discuss a volume rebate?

Absolutely. If you want covers for a series or multiple artworks for your project, I'll be happy to provide a bulk rebate.

I'm also proposing Premade Series at a discount.


I've found book covers sites for cheaper, why should I bother with you?

There are a few sites I myself I'm happy to refer customers to when they need a cheap but competent cover done. Most of these sites tend to use only stock photos to create their covers (I will use some on occasion and on parts of my artwork, though I rarely leave these assets as-is). Also, some of these sites have to do the cover so quickly to cost less, that they might not be as flexible with changes on the final product. Also these other sites have to work with multiple styles, I'm mostly focusing on Sci-Fi, a field I know well having published multiple bestselling books.


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